The Drowned and the Saved Lyrics

Tell me what is left from life, if no sunrise lights your world?
Can't believe you've been through all this pain,
All this pain I know your eyes saw the same sky as I see today,
You smelled the leaves, you felt the wind.
I know they imprisoned your body, but how could they subdue your thoughts?
I know about the drowned and the saved.
Where will be my side.
Whose decision marks my path.
Will i ever know the end I die again.
Now I'm one of you.
No dream, that keeps me alive, no warmth reaches my skin.
Their methods broke into my brain,
Took away my existence and even my name, reduced me to numbers.
When will this killingmachine breaking my spine?
I know millions walk in and just a few will leave it behind.
I've got no more power, I've got no more power.
Hope dies together with feelings, it doesn't hurt anymore I know I'm one of the drowned.

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