The Dream Is Dead Lyrics

One voice, one power, the people's will arose,
Slew the tyrant and burned his castles, brought down
A supreme blooded pestilence once more

Under the same dawn advocates of wealth and freedom spread their words like prophets do
Bring them down! Down to their knees! Down to this greed!

Fooling us again, while our screams not even silenced
This rage has been a weapon, but our hope will bring the doom
So many times I prayed:, so many times I died!

We burst the chains
And now we should be on our own, but the fear of tomorrow
Will drive you to their arms again

The golden age we're celebrating creeps out of the womb of the same old lie
A child of tyranny and hatred
A heaven for the chosen few

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02. Mai, 20:37 Uhr
von Sicksuckemo

neben voice of the voiceless das geilste lied von denen am besten is die so many times i prayed stelle :love

20. Februar, 21:46 Uhr
von RimShot

Der Text ist cool, der Refrain ist geil, das Album fett und die Band der Hammer! :8)

23. Februar, 22:03 Uhr
von Stryke

Ordentlich geile riffs, und spitzen stimme, sorgen für gänsehaut!!

24. Dezember, 13:30 Uhr
von hansshallburn

Genial einfach nur genial :)