Return to Sanity Lyrics

An unforgiving chill crawls down my blood stained limbs
And a thousand frozen bodies line our way into the night
Shadows of dead trees appear like ghosts in poisoned clouds

Heart-wrenching cries agonize my soul
Hand to hand we fight, and man by man we die
No sanity is here to find, our god has left this hell
We're wandering like shadows, through frozen worlds

Once my mind was occupied,
Filled with heroic stories,
All glorious tales about this war
But now I know there is no honour here to find,
We're marching endlessly, relentlessly, towards the end

A purgatory we walk through,
A common grave for all of us,
No matter friend or enemy,
A forest of the dead

I should not care about my enemies
Tell me what have I become,
My blackened heart's still beating
All of a sudden I'm aware,
Compassion is no weakness, compassion is no treason

"The battle of Hürtgen Forest in Germany was one of the most fierce battles in WWII. Ernest Hemingway was involved as a war correspondent for the US Army. This battle changed his opinion about the war radically.
German Lieutenant Friedrich Lengfeld was killed as he tried to save the life of a wounded American soldier crying for help."

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