Godiva Lyrics

Come save me from the burning,
Ride against these dire times
Versus all apathy and disregard
Yielding new hope to all the fallen ones
To all the Silenced, To those Unheard

A sign of hope in peaceless times
A shining light among the darkest nights
Godiva, Your silent rage will bury them
Godiva,Promise me, convey our hate and screams!

Will You bury them,Godiva Will you Bury them
No truth will ever reach them, No world will ever
Touch him, a life beyond all sympathy

One day tide is turning
And nothing will be elft for them
Of all their vanity, of all this Selfishness
Godiva, will you bury them, Lady Godiva
When will you ride again

No truth will ever reach them
No world will ever touch him
A life beyond all sympathy

©HEAVEN SHALL BURN - VETO (2013) - Track 1 ,,GODIVA"

In my opinion HEAVEN SHALL BURN is the fckin BEST BAND in the world, so enjoy ;)

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13. Januar, 23:19 Uhr
von Belialchac

Wobei der Anfang auch recht bekannt ^^'

26. Dezember, 00:27 Uhr
von DomiSagtHallo

So ein extrem geiler Anfang von dem Lied und der Rest ist dann auch noch Mega! Geiler Song :)