The Final Front Lyrics

New assignment, North West Europe command.
Inspect the Atlantic Wall and its hinterland.
Prepare the strongest possible, positional defense.
Energizing forces, boost morale of men.

Marshall resources, there never is enough.
Emplace obstructions, 'Rommel Asparagus'.
X-Shaped iron hedges, tripods of steel.
Concrete bunkers, flooded fields.

Viewpoint ignored, reserves held back.
Diversion 'Fortitude', successfully distracts.
Massive armada, countless crafts appear.
Nautical salvos, D-Day is here!

(guitar lead: Stephen)

Amphibious landings, marines wading ashore.
Situation desperate, submitting reports.
Last meeting in Berlin, the tyrant's tomb.
Political solution, deliverance from doom.

Severely wounded, as fighters dive.
Fractured skull, again survived.
Hospitalized, country condemned.
The war is lost, this is the end.

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