The Only Thing I Know Lyrics

I'm living with your memory
in the attic in my mind
and you've been getting by without me
but I've been spending all my time
with a girl that I remember
who'll never leave or need to grow
'cause when you left you left your memory
now it's the only thing I know

When the past gives me no comfort
tnd though the future is the cost
the way I'm choosing to remember
I'll forever be the man I never was

And you, you fade
but the memory remains the same
and I, I can't change
and I think that living with your memory
is slowly driving me insane

You are perfect but you're empty
and it gets so lonely in my mind
'cause your image in my memory's the only shred of you that's left behind
you were real but then you left me
and that's the part I can't accept
so I'll keep on living with your memory
because it's all that I've got left
it's all that I've got left

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