Stalker Lyrics

When it's over, we'll roll over and keep to our sides in the bed
I 'll be needy, you'll keep screening when I reach my cold hands over there
It's so lonely when you're wfth me, ft seems like there s no one else here
You're so quiet my heart's on fire, if I leave you I'll miss you again

When you kiss me then you'll miss me you will love me always forever
It's not over we'll keep our fight until the end
I'll come over until you open never gwe up I'll be your stalker
I'll be watting I'll keep my love until the end

When you call me you don t want me ft seems like you don t need me here
I keep thinking I did something to make you this way once again
It's so final when you hide all of the love you would give to me if you
Were happy now your not and then I feel like I spoiled something real

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