Flageoletten Lyrics

memories from old times they flee and it frustrates me to never be able to see
the things i'm living for when times are filled with joy and something never where done
it makes my life seem like a bore
that's why i'm trying to create something new for me to feed upon
and remember that these times are good
but it always ends with a blacked out head and a shortness of breath
in the end it takes me further away

from time to time when i do those things it leads me to a nice lady to take comfort in
and i raise my hope maybe this is maybe she's one that i'm gonna start living with
time passes by and i start to see the defects in me reminds me who i don't want to be
my solution for this is to run away into the cold abyss of never knowing how to feel

a million tunnels ahead and i'm running through them all

so please i'm trying to be young at heart so please don't let me age again
help me i'm trying to be young at heart so please don't let me age again

so the question stands why you listen to me
i know nothing about life or how to make it better indeed
doing the same thing two decades in should be proof enough,
never take advise from this mouth
i guess it's easy to talk and harder to do espeacially when it comes to other people than you
but i won't give up i won't lose my hope someday i'll find the happiness that's all around

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