Farewell to Arms Lyrics

You said, "Down with the church", with your fists up in the air,
all the rancor and the hate, yeah we saw your frigid stare.
You hate Christianity, but love your animosity,
it's the church who's getting rotten, yet it's Christ that you've forgotten.

Goodnight, goodbye, farewell to arms, it's time. Who incited, what ignited,
all this hatred? Say farewell to arms.
Broken hearted, dearly departed, maybe we should say farewell to arms.

Lay down your hate, (the burden and) the weight will disappear.
If you could separate your anger, from that still small voice you hear.

Clench your fists and grit your teeth, save forgiveness for the weak.
Let your bitterness consume, let the salt rub in your wounds.
You have saved up all your spite, stoked the flame that keeps the fight,
it's so hard to be objective, when your reason is defective.

You say that you've aged, I think you're just enraged.

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