Velocity Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Can you feel the speed comin
The beat's hummin
You need somethin to keep ya knees bucklin
Keep frontin
You'll be thuggin from these huntin on bees
Scummin airin out these fuckin emcees
Puffin till breeze
Somethin to each one of my words
Is just suddenly stern and it's fun and you learn
Through action not example
That's exactly why I have to smack you
Learn that *smacks* learn it again *smacks* got it now?
Didn't ya know that Tonedeff could flow fast enough to mow Sonic down
Well I'm on it's shot on ya senses
Hoppin the fences could it be the one to get offended
Or else is deaf or the nigga that pretended
To the senses when I run, niggaz sense this
Hell a brother better be servin avenges
It's me either with this set of bentleys
Then in down in left kill left with a horse here
Probably gonna need a veterinary in a relentess
Better get a move one
You harlot you bonness you falls with blue balls
You all really think it end little could just shove in a bill
With you all and pretube all
Naw like cause I done never heard of batman
Scared of thinkin last stan
Walkin in arabs to back dams
Thinkin ya niggaz could get it quicker than a maniac
Cuz bigger than a one chillin miss him like his flash can
Can't stand these motherfuckers that can't rap
Tonedeff could scan this shit while on a sand mass
Fuck a chick and tell her pussycat now
Yall niggaz are pretty confused cause you be chillin with a bat hat
Practice while Stash kick your ass bitch
Ya too average to consider some hash and the task
Cause TV is real and the speed is just feedin me
You fuckers acknowledge the speedy

Do you feel the need for speed
Indeed ya do we need ya to
Clear the way to speed ya through
Can you feel the velocity just hold tight
Bare witness to what future emcees will flow like

[Verse 2]
You wacker than Ja Rule we fast and furious like Vin Diesel
Ain't penetrates the papyrus my p-izz-eople
Sookie sookie you rookie goodie goodie we been evil
Fuck 101 told them I'll take ten people
Now even up the odds cause you with your friend's people
Style's been played like movies with ten sequels
(Do you love hip hop?)
Does Eminem offend people?
So do we so absolutely nothin's what you showin me
Totally magnificent what you want is insignificant
In the big picture bitch nigga you so sensitive
Gonna squirt some I hurt one or two persons
For the first done you mommy's suckin the girth numb
Beat it up and make her cum
E F@mm makin you nerves run
Wanna get the mic this curtains
If you done like 'em and ya ear's done
Blow me, hold me, hold that
Mouthful of cock sauce and a ballsack
You be eatin till I go wack
That's never homie, know that

[Chorus] - 2X

[Verse 3]
Say what you want but don't ever claim that you want it
Stay in the closet and you'll sustain so much pain that you'll vomit
Silent objects you never swallow like hollow organs
You cough up dried esophagus knot to notches we're the marvelous too
Then I'm part of the crew that came to astonish
The plague is brolic, scrape ya face with abrasive cleanser
Say that we're reigning comet things a promise
You love her for real I just set up the kill
And Substantial latches in that can which set ya head on the hill
That's plenty for the world to see
Everybody wanna get bazigga to the run to get the tour with me
Score with these, they're for ya team ensure your dream
And fuckin up the wizzer with a ball disease
The problem's he's aborn of three
But all I see do you breathe nothing but a corpse, see?
You be lookin for a ride and the reason you dying
in the blink of an eye then they all with me
Hold ya screams in pickin up the flow from the court the king's in
From Newport to Kingston and give you more defeats
And wars than Norman eats complete with more dead soldiers meat
And keep the order straight
Sweepin me is more 'n vague than even orchestry
They raise more pieces of you than your whore's abortion tapes(Oh that's great)
Substantial why you rap so slow?
I got asthma, give me a second *puff* let's see ya fuckin rap faster
I'm stronger, harder, spit quicker, stronger
Even my dick's bigger, longer
In fact it sucks to be you, hoe what can we do?
You're a weaker seeder postal boy
Pussy eatin needs a hug
Cause your pussy you stained cock
I reek of stained twat, my speech is slain hot
We weak? I think not, we lick in pink spots
We drink the slain cops who were crooked
The little crops that got a fuckin ticket
Who spat on my dollars
Then shout at these cowards last jaws
By rippin the rap tours
With a little or no audience
Killed an acapella even flipped into accordions
Not a battle rapper backpacker bitch smacker thug
Just someone you can whoop yo ass
Over rap and show you love
So any further sleeping beneath is not recommended
Will never be fame if you haven't already been refunded

[Chorus] - 5X

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