Leaving Lyrics

Looking at you lieing there
Pale as moonlight strayed unfair
Left your body yesterday
Can not move but want to break

My time has come my child
All breath is taken
all my words are spoken now
my child please let me go

Other side is calling you
Weight is lieing heavy on me
How will I alone get throug
Leaving you to rest in peace

Don’t be afraid my child
Won’t turn my back on you
Always remember my time
Now please let me go

You deserve peace!
Please don’t leave!
You deserve rest!
Please don’t leave...

See you fighting for me tearing up inside before me
Allthough the end of story was written long ago
Can’t believe I have to go on from now without you
But you now promised me with me you’ll always be

Your time has come now
All breath is taken
All your words are spoken now
Goodbye I will let you go

I’m not afraid anymore
Won’t turn my back on you
Always remeber you time
Now I will let you go

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