By Dark Glorious Thoughts
Walpurgis Night
Satan Never Sleeps
The Conqueror
The Apocalypse Manifesto
Death Faceless Chaos
Retribution of the Holy Trinity
Postmortem Penetrations
Genocide (Concerto No. 35 for Razors)
Volkermord, der Antigott
Alastor rex perpetuus doloris
The Scourge of God
Wrapped in Fire
Armoured Bestial Hell
Enslavement Revealed
Spells From the Underworld
Spheres of Damnation
The Face of Death
When Hell Freezes Over
Boundless Demonication
Infernal Flesh Massacre
Spawn From the Abyss
Jehova Desecration
Land of Demonic Fears
Radiance of Mordacity
Graced by Evil Blood
Crimson Legions
Dance of a Thousand Knives (Moksha Bhakti)
Last Will
Blacker Than Black
Vortex of Confusion
Demon's Claw
Night Stalker
Seven Plagues, Seven Wraths (Xes Revelation)
Hellgium Messiah
Tellum scorpionis
The Burning Dawn
Through the Cortex
The Seven Ensigns of Creation
Pantheon of Oblivion
I Reign Over You
Sine Qua Non
Of Feathers and Flames
Lamp of Invisible Lights
Of Shrines and Sovereigns
The Edge of Agony
Divine Coagulation
Baal al-Maut
Nerxiaxin Mahathallah
Deny the Holy Book of Lies
Under the Holocaust
Scared by Darkwinds
Tales From a Blackened Horde
At Dawn of a Funural Winter
Rites of the Northern Fullmoon
At the Sound of the Millenium Black Bells
As the Wolves Howl Again
The Ultimate Horde Fights
Ha Shaitan
Evil Church
The Antichrist Summons the Black Flame
The Forest of Nathrath
Dusk of Forgotten Darkness
Throne to Purgatory
When Horny Flames Begin to Rise