The Kiss (skit) Lyrics

Eminem = E: Dr. Dre = D:

*car wiht musik is driving*
E: I'm gonna kill this bitch. I'm gonna kill her. I'm gonna fucking kill her, cause i'm gonna fuck kill this bitch.
D: YO Men.
E: What?
D: I don't konw, I got a really really bad felling.
E: Men would you shut the fuck off here? You always got a bad felling, man! -- Thats her car rigth there!
D: Let me park. I'm parking.
E: Fucking - Turn the car off, DOG.
D: All right.
*Handstopper is pulled*
E: All right, we wait.
D: We wait for what?
E: We wait until she comes out, thet i'm fucking kill her.
D: Hm... you can't gonna kill her.
E: Should that fuck off!
D: What the fuck did you bring that for?
E: Just shut up, the fucking clip is in.
D: Men, DON'T put that shit on me!
E: It's not even loaded bitch, look.
*Eminem is laughting*
D: CARRRRR... I can fucking hate you, when you do this shit.
*The music is gonna over to the Solider music*
E: Thet's funniest fuck!
D: You fuck her and kill me, ore what?
E: I get you every times -- is thet her?
D: Where???
E: Right ther motherfucker!
D: Arrgghh, jea!
E: Get out, get out, GET OUT!
D: What the fuck, would you get under the car?
E: With who is she walking?
D: What i tolld, we dropt down.....
E: Thet's the fucking Bouncer! - Did she had kiss him?
D: I'll think so!
E: DOG - She did fucking kiss him!
D: Yea, she did.
E: She is fucking kiss him!
*Eminem is gonna out of the car*

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16. August, 00:48 Uhr
von Baby

uupps Ich mein Skit...

16. August, 00:47 Uhr
von Baby

Den Skip find ich cool :yes