Bloodstained Ground Lyrics

What did I close in here?
I can't remember ever shedding tears o'spite
On this ground, cropping up the fatal frontline

Like a soot-blackened palisade yet
Impelled, void and abulic
Legions delineate an omnious skyline

As lifeless demons without soul
These insentient hosts abide
Engulfing war monger get away from here!

Trod ye the path of vast deceit?
Every piece of evidence was a lie
The war, the threat's a hyping fake
To move figures on the board!

Stain bibractes ground!

What do you see in me?
Do you breathe-in dreams?
What spurred you to come here?
An oneiric picture of beeing...

Like disaffected legions taken, lure
I wonder what lies, what threat or promise
Persuaded them to leave their home so far away
...did they really know?

As the carnyx roared aloud
I quaked not, yet just asked myself
How their hearts took the bait,
These sweetened words of bitter essence

Face to face with nameless foes
Scorching words, unspoken lorn
Unheard quests remain the ashes of the dead

Forsooth we'll bear the brunt
Upright in life or in death
Yet still the countless cries echo
In silenced caves of nothing

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14. Juli, 12:57 Uhr
von Nadja

Mega-geiles Lied. Ich LIEBE diese Flöten und den guturalen Gesang :DDD *rockZ*

22. Mai, 15:33 Uhr
von w00t

"...Scorching words, unspoken lorn
Unheard quests remain the ashes of the DEEEAAD" >:D

05. Mai, 00:46 Uhr
von WereWolfCorpse

Eluveitie kick @#$%! :yes

24. April, 14:58 Uhr
von rich

find ich auch...

22. April, 19:35 Uhr
von InfinityInDark

bestes Lied... :yes