A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes
Hail to the Princess Aurora
Sleeping Beauty
Dalmatian Plantation
Kanine Krunchies
Cruella DeVil
Pink Elephants on Parade
Good is the New Bad
Let's Go Fly a Kite
I'm Your Girl
Be Our Guest
Cruella De Vil
Fathoms Below
Beyond My Wildest Dreams
How Many Biscuits Can You Eat
The Bare Necessities
Bluddle-Uddle-Um-Dum (The Washing Song)
That's What Friends are For
un Mudno ideal
Trust In Me
Appreciate the Lady
Someday My Prince Will Come / Once Upon a Dream
Ev'rybody Wants to be a Cat
I Won't Say (I'm In Love)
The World's Greatest Criminal Mind
Whoomp! (There It Went)
Colonel Hathis Marsch -Elefanten-Marsch-
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
The Bells of Notre Dame
If I Didn't Have You
So This Is Love
Sweet Nightingale
Once Upon a Time in New York City
The Elegant Captain Hook
Send it on
Your Mother and Mine
Winnie the Pooh
Long Ago
Tigger's Song
Up, Down And Touch The Ground
A Rather Blustery Day
Dat Is Mijn Wens
The Kanga-Roo Hop
De Hof Der Wonderen
That's What Tiggers Do Best
De Hoofdloze Ruiter
Magic Journeys
Een Fluitje Van Een Cent
Een Lustoord Voor Mens En Hond
Gummi Beer
Alles im Fluß
Als Je Van Beren Leren Kan (Baloe)
Pinoccio - Wenn ein Stern in finst´rer Nacht
Bella Notte (This Is the Night)
Ik Ben Hier
De Perfecte Wereld
Broeders Van Elkaar
He Mele No Lilo
Spielt das Horn nochmal
Alles lebt
Ich singe ein Lied
Es fühlt sich nach Frühling an
Liebe ist mehr als nur ein Wort
It's a Small World
Sea Floor Strut
A Very Important Thing to Do
Everything is Honey
En verden af liv
The Tummy Song
It's Gonna be Great
Part of Your World
If i never knew you
Who's afraid of the big bad wolf
Reflection (Remix)
Casy Junor
Der Storch
Mein Liebes Kind
Pocahontas - Farbenspiel des Winds
Hakuna Matata
So ein Mann
Under the Sea
A Bicycle Built for Two
Sei hier Gast
So sehr
Das Farbenspiel des Winds
Jemand wartet auf dich
Ein Traum wird wahr
Gott, Deine Kinder
Ich will keinen Mann
Probier´s mal mit Gemütlichkeit
You can Fly
Pocahontas - Was das nechste Ufer bringt
Sheriff Callie's Wild West Theme Song
Pocahontas - Savages ( part 1)
Pocahontas - Savages ( part 2)
Pocahontas - Lausche mit dem Herz
Aladdin Prince Ali (Francais)
Probier´s mal mit Gemütlichkeit
Ich werd's noch beweisen
Ich wär so gern wie du
I can go the distance
Part of Your World
Two Worlds
I wanna walk like you
Kiss The Girl
Crulella de Vil
Das Farbenspiel des Winds
Disneys Wochenend-Kids - Titelsong
Go the Distance
Find Yourself
Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride
Gummi Beer
The Man on the Flying Trapeze
The Unbirthday Song
I Just Can't Wait to Be King
The Circle of Life
Be Prepared
The Madness of King Scar
You've Got a Friend in Me
Heffalumps and Woozles
Poor Unfortunate Souls
The Ugly Bug Ball
Colonel Hathi's March (The Elephant Song)
Colonel Hathi's March
How to Be a Tigger
Whoop-De-Dooper Bounce
Pooh's Lullabee
Hier bin ich
Colonel Hathis Marsch -Elefanten-Marsch-
Your Heart Will Lead You Home
Round My Family Tree
Der Dschungeltanz
Johnnie Fedora and Alice Bluebonnett
A Whole New World
All the Cats Join In
Hör auf mich -Schlange-
Make a Wave
The Martins and the Coys
The Wonderful Thing About Tiggers
Ich gehör nur mir
There's a Hole in My Bucket
It's a Small World
A Little Black Raincloud
Rumbly in my Tumbly
The Rain Rain Rain Came Down Down Down
There's Room for Everyone
The Happiest Home in these Hills
I Saw a Dragon
Mädchen - Schluß-Song-
A Spoonful of Sugar
Where Is Your Heart At
When You Wish Upon a Star
Steady as the Beating Drum
Colors of the Wind
Just Around The Riverbend
The Virginia Company
To The Fairies They Draw Near
Man Är Väl Infödd
The Phony King of England
Once Upon A Dream