Denk an mich
Phantom der Oper: Das Phantom der Oper
Phatom of the Opera
Phantom of the Opera
Mehr will ich nicht von dir
Engel der Muse
Könntest du doch wieder bei mir sein
I Don't Know How to Love Him
Starlight Express: Hilf mir Verstehen
Von nun an gibt es kein zurück
Music of the Night
Think of Me (Carlotta)
Die Musik der Nacht
Der Rum-Tum-Tugger
Kind aus der Dunkelheit
das unterirdische labyrinth
Engel der Lieder
Don't Cry For Me Argentina
Mr. Mistoffelees
Music of the Night (from "The Phantom of the Opera")
Dein Weg ist einsam
All I Ask of You
Heaven on Their Minds
Was erschreckt Sie so?
The Jellicle Ball
Skimble von der Eisenbahn
Die alte Gumbie-Katze
Mister Mistoffelees
Das Benennen von Katzen
Macavity: The Mystery Cat
Gus: The Theatre Cat
Grizabella the Glamour Cat
Rum Tum Tugger
Wie spricht man eine Katze an
Jesus Christ Superstar
Old Deuteronomy
Could We Start Again Please?
Reise in den sphärischen Raum
Bustopher Jones
Gus, der Theaterkater
The Last Supper
The Naming of Cats
Everything's Alright
Angel of Music
Skimbleshanks: The Railway Cat
The Old Gumbie Cat
Another Suitcase in Another Hall
Wishing You Were Somehow Here
The Point of No Return
The Ad-Dressing of Cats
The Invitation to the Jellicle Ball
The Moments of Happiness
The Mirror (Angel of Music Reprise)
Gus, der Theater-Kater
Growltiger's Last Stand
Simon Zealotes
On This Night of a Thousand Stars
You Must Love Me
High Flying, Adored
Oh What a Circus
Pilate's Dream
Santa Evita
Der Brief
Die Gumbie-Katze
Endlich kommt für mich die Zeit
Buenos Aires
Goodnight and Thank You
Rainbow Tour
Waltz for Eva and Che
She Is a Diamond
And the Money Kept Rolling In (And Out)
Requiem for Evita
A New Argentina
Pearl, welche Ehre
Rainbow High
Latin Chant
Hello and Goodbye
Prima Donna
Phantom of the Opera
Starlight Express
Warum so weit hinauf
The Music of the Night
Take That Look Off Your Face
Don Juan
Love Changes Everything
Pie Jesu
Only You
Light at the End of the Tunnel
Let Us Love in Peace
Any Dream Will Do
Learn to Be Lonely
I Am the Starlight
Little Lotte
Jesus Christ Superstar Overture
Dear Old Friend
Angel of Music I
Point of No Return
Unexpected Song
Sunset Boulevard
Close Every Door
The Last Man in My Life
The Heart Is Slow to Learn
With One Look
A Kiss Is a Terrible Thing to Waste
Strange Thing Mystifying
Tell Me on a Sunday
Wandering Child
Magical Lasso
The Perfect Year
Next Time You Fall in Love
New Ways to Dream
Seeing Is Believing
Blood Money
No Matter What
Eva Beware of the City
Could We Start Again Please
Jellicle Cats
Der Rum Tum Tugger
As If We Never Said Goodbye
Jesus Must Die
Damned for All Time
Der Jellicle Ball
Mungojerrie and Rumpelteazer
Song of the King
Pumping Iron
All the Love I Have
Whistle Down the Wind
The Swordfight
New Argentina
Then We Are Decided
Pilate and Christ
I Believe My Heart
The Vaults of Heaven
This Jesus Must Die
The Temple
There Is More to Love
Tell Me on Sunday
Girls Rolling Stock
Rolling Stock
The First Man You Remember
Gus the Theater Cat
The Rum Tum Tugger
The Arrest
Journey to the Cemetery
Those Canaan Days
Last Man in My Life
We Have All Been Blind
The Crucifixion
One More Angel in Heaven
Wo die Schönheit sich verbirgt
Make Up My Heart
News Ways to Dream
The Art of the Possible
Charity Concert
Pilate's Dream (from "Jesus Christ Superstar")
Ditt Folk Har Du Förlett
Vad Står På ?/ Hon Går På Gatan
Nu Ska Du Bli Stilla
Jesus Må Dö
Simon Ivraren/Ack Mitt Jerusalem
Pilatus dröm
I Templet
Allting Är Allright
Vart Ska Min Kärlek Föra
Dömd för alltid
I Getsemane
Jesus Fängslas
Petrus Förnekar Jesus
Inför Pilatus
Herodes Sång
Judas död
Åter Inför Pilatus
Ein Licht ganz am Ende des Tunnels
Von der furchtbaren Schlacht zwischen den Pekies und Pollicles und das Marschlied der Pollicle Hunde
Über das Ansprechen von Katzen
I Am the Starlight (feat. Lon Satton & Ray Shell)
I Am the Starlight (from "Starlight Express")
Take That Look of Your Face (Tell Me on a Sunday)
Music of the Night (from "The Phantom of the Opera")
Other Pleasures
Anything but Lonely
In rabenschwarzer Nacht
The Beautiful Game
Trial Before Pilate
Try Not to Be Afraid
Poor Jerusalem
Last Supper
Poor Poor Joseph
Ne Lok mit Locomotion
Pearl, das kann nicht wahr sein
Another Suitcase in Another Hall (Orlando Pop Orchestra)
Wishing Somehow You Were Here Again
So sehr fehlt mir dein Gesang