Something Glorious Lyrics

sometimes it`s so hard to be honest
so hard to get up
i must confess that i`m too lazy
to figure out my priorities

sometimes it`s hard to turn the pages
to take the next step
to just open up the dusty book on the shelf

there`s something glorious
glorious inside
why can`t i just open up
open up my mind
and put a little glory inside

sometimes the tv program`s stronger
than anything else
i must confess that i`m too lazy
to switch off this machine

sometimes it´s nice to read some comics
to roar with laughter
it seems to be more fun than this dusty book on the shelf

we got so much time to gamble
or to just stare at a wall
just 5 minutes are too much
to talk to our merciful creator

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22. April, 19:44 Uhr
von sunshine

chruchead sind nur genial aber du hasch recht die lyrics sind echt schrott
kennt ihr frame less, emty grave oder co??

06. November, 16:28 Uhr
von Nathanael Dürr

Year ich find des lied und viele viele andere lieder von crushead total genial!

30. Januar, 18:44 Uhr
von jdggjad

Crushead and BMW best

06. Januar, 20:13 Uhr
von Jan

Der Song is wie immer gut, aber die Lyrics hier sind für n Müll! Sry, ist halt so.