Scream 2 Lyrics

you always stand on the top `n hang your flag in the wind
you swim in the big stream got your mind for rent
everybody knows you as the coolest guy in town
a ghetto kid so proud of it, the boy became a star
tell all the kids how it feels to be an outsider

beyond your speech, beyond your thoughts
inside your heart
is there some soul
cause when you fall, when you`re face-down
and your heart screams
you will scream too

how can you say that you`re the best and you will blow our mind
when you cannot even show your face behind the mask
i watch your clips with your cars your chicks and your cigars
do you think this is all a man needs, is this all you are
megalomania is ruling your head you`re outta control

all your anger, all your pitch and blather
is this all an act of desperation
you are the victim of your own story
boy, is this the reason why
you show so much hate

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