Keep Movin Lyrics

1,2,3 microphone check this is crushead with the fourth set
oh yes we are back louder than a jumbo jet
and were performing our show
listen to this now and turn up your radio

here it comes loud and clear blows the dirt off your ear
frees your feelings inside and unleashes your own style
unfasten your seat-belt and get off the ground
this is the sound than makes your world go round

ever since the day we started doing this thing
the most important fact on it`s been praising the king
and it`s not always easy, not always great
to sacrifice our time on this long, long way
but there are so many things that keep us moving along
and there are so many reasons to do one more song
all you people out there you surely know who you are
and the father in heaven who made us come so far

here we go here we stand shake your ass keep your body moving
don`t you stop twisting around, shake your ass keep your body moving

we want to let you know how it is to be on stage
thanks to everyone who found the way down to this place
you found a place to rock to jump and to sweat
so let the air get thick and let the t-shirt get wet
take care of each other and don`t get bruised
let the sound operate we hope you`re amused
that`s rock n´ roll let the light shine bright
let`s jump together let`s sweat for christ

take a break, breathe easy, in and out, in and out.
do you want more, is it not enough
no, it´s not enough - okay as we already said
1,2,3 let`s go

the boredom is over, the air`s getting colder so put some heat in here and get off the ground

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12. März, 14:47 Uhr
von simon

ich find den song richtig geil! :yes

11. Januar, 19:25 Uhr
von peace

so geil. so geil. dat gibt et net

11. Januar, 21:22 Uhr
von Benjamin Nicko

Hi Crushead, ich hab gehört das ihe auch in eine Gemeinde geht, stimmt das denn. Ich geh auch in eine Gemeinde. Ihr könnt mir ja mal eure E-Mail andresse schicken wenn ihr das woll. Ich würde mich sehr freuen wenn ihr mir eure E-Mail adresse schick weil ich und meine Schwester sind nehmlich fans von euch und finden euch voll cool. Euer Fan