Fragile Mind Lyrics

early morning six o` clock
alarmer rings getting up
a look in the mirror makes you see
this is not the one you want to be
you take a shower make your hair
your perfume scent fills the air
powder compact, make-up box
nail laquer, and it`s eight o´ clock

is this you
is it not
you don`t care
you just have to work

you hide behind your make-up
you hide behind your clothes
what about intrincic value
is this not ridiculous
did we have come this far now
is this the only way
to get a bit acceptance
in our society

outside your house everyone hears
the beating of your high heels
all the boys turn their heads
when you`re hovering down the stairs
you reach for power in many ways
never mind the expence
you’re a symbol for career

let all the others disappear

you shake hands
and you smile
no one knows
what`s inside

do you feel satisfied
when you come home late at night
do you have a guilty conscience
with yourself
money makes the mare go
that`s what you always say
what has to happen
to make you change one day

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