Flower Lyrics

For a long tíme I've been walking my way of live alone
Always thinking my heart is mine
I can do everything it's my own
I had my friends I had my home
I had my music and I never felt alone

I wanna thank you to be here
I need you like a flower needs the sun

Big friendships little wars crawling through my live
There was no reason to stand up all the time
With this things I was satisfied
'til you came into my live
And now my soul fades away

I wanna thank ...

I know I'll see you again so I keep waíting for you
Take a decision tell me what is on

Since the time we were together
We walked on seperate ways
And I told you that I'll wait as long as I could
But how the time has come for us
Tell me what you want
I don'T want to wait forever
Let us live agian once more

I wanna thank ...

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