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i´m looking out of the window
what a beautiful day
the sun is gone and the wind blows
the colored leaves away
this is my favourite season
this is a wonderful day
and I`m starting to chill out
time´s relative today
i lay my legs on the table, lay my head back down
i do not think about anything that may come now
this is one of these days which I just enjoy
and I do not think about what people may say

today is mine
please do not disturb
is written on the sign
that I hang place on my door
this day belongs
only to me my baby
twenty-four hours of
joy and happiness

i drink too much coffee
i eat too much cake
and I watch so many movies
and when I sleep I`m just half awake
and when the telephone rings
i just plug it off
i get lost in a daydream
and don`t ever wanna wake up

sometimes you need a day like this
on which you just have to breathe
nothing to do or to think about
you just have to be

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10. Januar, 23:19 Uhr
von Jäss

sBeste Lied von Crushead meiner Meinung...
außer vllt noch "In my fathers hands" aber des ist ja eher ruhiger...