Better Than Me Lyrics

strophe 1

i was chosen out of thousands, yes, i won tha race and here i am with my success andwith my babyface. i love tha girls screaming at me, taking me for a god and i am sure that when i stare at them they will fall to the ground. i am the real chartbreaker even though i`m someone else. for as long as you don`t know that, i will ring my bells,this is business as usual, something you know nothing about, so you can shut your mouth, and take a seat here in the crowd and i say


here i, here i, here i, here i go again! got my hands in my pants, and i fell all right, got no stress, tell you no lies!
here i, here i, here i, here i go again! got my hands in my pants, and i feel so free, do you think that there`s anyone better than me?

strophe 2

i just smile when i have to smile, even though i`m feeling down inside. i think this is how it has to be, how it has to be. i enjoy the spotlight shining on me, i really love myself on the tv screen. is anyone better than me, better than me?feels like a superstar, everyone`s with me, i`m the king of the world, i`ll make anyone better than me, better than me?i got a microphone, i got the biggest show. nobody calls me on the phone!and i`m not the one, really not the one that i once used to be!


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08. Februar, 19:21 Uhr
von Alexandra

einfach spitze!!
Aber live sind sie besser:love

27. Oktober, 15:21 Uhr
von Joachim Sperl

is eins der geilsten lieder von crushead. god bless you!!!