Till the Night We'll Meet Again Lyrics

Love hurts
From the moment that I touch you
I feel love hurts
And the feeling when I kiss you
Oh, this love hurts
And I hear your heart is beating next to mine heart
Oh, my heart
Love hurts
Oh, I need you more than ever, baby, love hurts
And I can't be wrong together, oh, this love hurts
Don't let it slip away

Till the night we'll meet again
I will hold you in my heart
Take me just the way I'm
We'll never break apart
Till the night we'll meet again
See the heaven in your eyes

And my heart just wouldn't be there
If I lose my paradise

Love hurts, when I'm calling out your name
I feel that love hurts
And there's no one else to blame
You know this love hurts
Every hour and day
I know there's nothing better, oh, then you babe
Love hurts, what a kind of fool I am
Oh baby, love hurts and I let you go again
And so this love hurts
I see you in my dreams

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