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Disc 1
Titel Unsere Songtexte
1 Midnight Lady Midnight Lady
2 Baby I Miss You Baby I Miss You
3 Sarah (You Take My Breath Away) Sarah (You Take My Breath Away)
4 Some Hearts Are Diamonds Some Hearts Are Diamonds
5 For You For You
6 Hearts Livin' on Emotion
7 Into the Night Into the Night
8 Stay One More Night
9 Lost In Flight
10 No Arms Can Ever Hold You No Arms Can Ever Hold You
11 She Said She Was a Lucky Girl
12 Send a Sign to My Heart (feat. Lory Bonnie Bianco)
Disc 2
Titel Unsere Songtexte
1 Needles and Pins Needles and Pins
2 Oh Carol
3 If You Think You Know How to Love Me If You Think You Know How to Love Me
If You Think You Know How to Love Me (Übersetzung)
4 Lay Back in the Arms of Someone
5 Don't Play Your Rock 'n' Roll to Me
6 I'll Meet You at Midnight
7 Mexican Girl
8 Babe It's Up to You
9 For a Few Dollars More
10 Baby It's You
11 Living Next Door to Alice
Disc 3
Titel Unsere Songtexte
1 Stay
2 Running Scared
3 Dangerous Heart Dangerous Heart
4 Baby Don't Change
5 Follow Me Follow Me
6 I'll Be There I'll Be There
7 I Cry a Lot More Now
8 Tomorrow's Another Day
9 Love Is a Bridge Between Two Hearts
10 Coming Back to You Coming Back to You
11 All Out Tears
12 Babe
Disc 4
Titel Unsere Songtexte
1 Wings of Love Wings of Love
2 Ordinary Heart
3 A Bridge at Midnight
4 Wheels of Fire
5 Hands Tied
6 Never Make My Angel Cry
7 Here Comes the Night
8 Woman in Love
9 Tell Me Why
10 Seven Years Ache
11 Beware the Thorn
12 For the Good Years
Disc 5
Titel Unsere Songtexte
1 It's a Tragedy
2 Hunters of the Night Hunters of the Night
3 Love Is Love Is
4 Chain Reaction
5 Stop at Nothing
6 Broken Heroes Broken Heroes
7 Don't Fence Me In
8 Ave Maria
9 Midnight Lady (maxi version)
10 Sarah (You Take My Breath Away) (maxi version)
11 For You (maxi version)
12 Into the Night (unplugged)
13 Baby I Miss You (unplugged)

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