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Titel Unsere Songtexte
You're All Talk (studio version)
Lookout (studio version)
I Want You to Want Me (early version)
Lovin' Money (outtake)
The Ballad of T.V. Violence (I’m Not the Only Boy)
Cry, Cry
ELO Kiddies
Taxman, Mr. Thief
I Dig Go‐Go Girls
Hot Love
Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace
He’s a Whore
Daddy Should Have Stayed in High School
The Ballad of T.V. Violence
Disc 1
Titel Unsere Songtexte
1 Anytime
2 Hard to Tell
3 Carnival Game
4 Shelter
5 You Let a Lotta People Down
6 Baby No More
7 Yeah Yeah
8 Say Goodbye
9 Wrong All Along
10 Eight Miles Low
11 It All Comes Back to You

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