Art Bitch Lyrics

You are an art bitch
But I like it
Yeah, I like it

You use your camera as an eye, taking photographs of everything you see
Making the pain look better

You wear glitter on your face, look like a mess
Back-combed hair all over the place
Out in the fields drinking JD and coke from plastic bottles

And I like your individuality
Myspace, Photoshop
Interesting captions that captivate me every ti-ei-ime


You are an art bitch at heart
But it's wonderful, so beautiful, so amazingly lovely
And I love the way you hate love
It's so refreshingly nice to see it in your eyes
That you mean exactly what you say-ay-ay

You are an art bitch
With your plastic bees and your floral pattern dresses
You use your needle and a string to sew up your dreams
Of going to France or New York or wherever it is
You're gonna get there one day

You hate big brand fashion, think it's shit
Like charity better, it's much more pure and original
Like your handwriting, which is backwards

And I admire your individuality
Strange kinda dancing like a Rock-and-Roll Najinsky
Bossa nova be pop like ten years ago-o-o


They love you in your photographs (6x)
They love you, they love you in your photographs


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