I Rape Myself
I Will Never Let You Down
Nothing Is Forever
Love Song
The Beloved and the Hatred
My Time Has Come
It's Our Burden to Bleed
Caliban's Revenge
24 Years
Life Is Too Short
This Oath
Walk Like the Dead
I Believe...
The Revenge
We Are the Many
I See the Falling Sky
My Little Secret
The Awakening
Another Cold Day
Together Alone
Song About Killing
All I Gave
Forsaken Horizon
I'll Show No Fear
My Fiction Beauty
Certainty... Corpses Bleed Cold
Let Go
Sick of Running Away
I've Sold Myself
Dein R3.ich
Give Me a Reason
Stand Up
Arena of Concealment
Bad Dream
No One Is Safe
In My Heart
Rise and Fight
End This Sickness
I Refuse to Keep on Living...
Stop Running
No More 2nd Chances
Nowhere to Run, No Place to Hide
Senseless Fight
Between the Worlds
Davy Jones
Storm of Rage
Vicious Circle
The Bogeyman
A Piece of My Life
Downfall Of Christ
100 Suns
One More Lie
Unleash Your Voice
No Tomorrow
Room of Nowhere
Scream From the Abyss
A Summerdream
Edge of Black
Modern Warfare
Love Taken Away
A Small Boy and a Grey Heaven
Diary of an Addict
Assassin of Love
Moment of Clarity
Fire of Night
The Seventh Soul
One of These Days
I Am Rebellion
Broadcast to Damnation
No One Will Ever Shed A Tear
The Degenation Of Humanity (24 Years Pt. 2)
Detect Your Liberty
Who We Are
Destroy Fascism
Das Leben ist zu kurz
A Faint Moment of Fortune
Fire Is My Witness
One Day
Deadly Dream
In the Name of Progression
Tyranny of Small Misery
Sycamore Dreams
New Kind of Freedom
Intolerance (Ignorance II)
My Last Beauty
About Time and Decisions
Supervision Until Death
Always Following Life
Good Man
Roots of Pain
Happiness in Slavery
Open Letter
Your Song
De Rebus Que Greunter
My Vertigo
I Am Ghost
In the Eye of the Storm
Sunday's Words
Unleash Enlightenment
Cries and Whispers
Devil's Night
Wolves and Rats
Erase the Enemy
If This A Man
Chaos - Creation
Tapped In Time
Nyfadd Von
The Seventh Cross
Suffocated In The Exhaust Of Our Machines
No Single Inch
Die Die My Darling
High Hopes
Feasting on the Blood of the Insane
Shout at the Devil
Among the Living
Blinded by Fear
The Denegation of Humanity
Army of Me
De Rebus Que Rerunter
Crystal Skies
Walk Alone
Mein Schwarzes Herz
Who I Am
The Ocean's Heart
For We Are Forever
No Dream Without A Sacrifice
Left For Dead