Look at Me Now Lyrics

Runnin in circles im chasing my tale,
a tale of two cities, the place i call home,
and it shows,
so you know
falling to peices again and again,
you tell me im empty and you try to bring me down,
and you run, run and hide,

I was trying to be someone and now im someone
i never ment to be
all the voices that tell me im wrong
all the voices are there and there keeping me here

But i'll find my way
Through whatever they say and the games that they play
With a smile on my face i'll show
And i'll say just look at me now

But still i remember the words that you chose
You said i was crazy and my dreams would not come true
Now you run, now you run, run and hide


I never thought that i could stop the rain from falling down again.


And i'll say... just look
And i'll say... just look at me now

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