David Gates & Bread Essentials
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Disc 1
Titel Unsere Songtexte
1 Dismal Day
2 Any Way You Want Me
3 It Don't Matter to Me
4 Make It With You Make It With You
5 Look What You've Done
6 I Want You With Me
7 Let Your Love Go
8 Too Much Love
9 If If
10 He's a Good Lad
11 Mother Freedom
12 Baby I'm-A Want You
13 Down on My Knees
14 Everything I Own Everything I Own (Übersetzung)
Everything I Own
15 Diary
16 The Guitar Man The Guitar Man
17 Aubrey
18 Sweet Surrender
19 She's the Only One
20 Lost Without Your Love
21 Soap (I Use The)
22 Ann
23 Never Let Her Go
24 Goodbye Girl

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