Where Your Actions Lead You To Live Lyrics

Are we strong enough to survive
When we awake from a timeless sleep
We may have wasted years
But we won't walk alone
With the secrets that we keep
We're learning from the days passing by
Until the time we take care
We promise no one gets hurt
They know too soon we will be there
Now that we're falling
The day has come to bare
When darkness is no more
There'll be no remorse, it's...
...where your actions
Will lead you to live
...where your actions
Will lead you to survive
Only heaven knows it's much too late
No more lies no alibis
We're tangled in a world of light
With darkness inside
Whatever we once knew
Fell apart in our hands
Whatever we now do, a new life begins...
But still we're falling
Another day has come
The darkness is no more
While all noises are gone, it's...

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