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Disc 1
Titel Unsere Songtexte
1 My! My! Honeycomb My! My! Honeycomb
2 Lost in France
3 Baby, I Remember You
4 The World Starts Tonight
5 Here's Monday
6 More Than a Lover
7 It's a Heartache
8 Hey Love (It's A Feelin')
9 Blame Me Blame Me
10 Here I Am
11 If You Ever Need Me Again If You Ever Need Me Again
12 My Guns Are Loaded
13 Goodbye to the Island Goodbye to the Island
14 We Danced on the Ceiling We Danced on the Ceiling
15 Sitting on the Edge of the Ocean Sitting on the Edge of the Ocean
16 Married Me
17 Hide You Heart
18 Notes From America Notes From America
19 Ravashing Ravashing
20 Streets of Little Italy
Disc 2
Titel Unsere Songtexte
1 Total Eclipse of the Heart (radio edit)
2 Faster Than the Speed of Night
3 Have You Ever Seen the Rain?
4 Loving You Is a Dirty Job (but Somebody Has Gotta Do It)
5 Holding Out for a Hero
6 Bitterblue
7 You Won't See Me Cry
8 Angel Heart Angel Heart
9 Save Your Love Save Your Love
10 Silhouette in Red Silhouette in Red
11 Stay Stay
12 I Can't Leave Your Love Alone
13 Whenever You Need Me
14 Limelight
15 Islands
16 Sem Limites Pra Sonhar Sem Limites Pra Sonhar
17 Say Goodbye

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