Change the World Lyrics

Change The World
Bizzy, Wish, Layzie, Flesh, and Big B

Big B
Raisin' hustla'z thieve'z & prostitutes/ Young homie think before you shoot, murderer...
Where will our children go when there's no place anywhere they can go...

Trouble may come sometimes you'll get pulled over by 1 time and when in 1999 you bombs didn't
make any strides/ Murder all around the whole world; it's nausiatin'/ Everybody's hatin' everybody
Overrated/ Why everybody actin' aggitated? I thought we graduated back in the saddle
Wait; I fought a battle station, station/ Hation is a birth defect and you know ain't anybody perfect
I wanted curtans closed, open up the door, no oh (no oh)

Big B
See we losin' this world we love and it looks like the sinnin' won't end
So I'm reachin' high up above/ Lord, let your blessings begin...

-Refrain (Bizzy & Big B)-
And let's change the world (world...)

You got me ready to set off the riot/ Ridin' with my trues humbly united gatherin' souls
Here we go, roll up some mo' phillies/ My nigga, let me hit it/ Niggas we thuggin'
Immortalized/ Let's get high, it's them niggas you most desire/ I can remember from way back in the day
Comin' up outta the ghetto was a hell of a struggle for sellin' them fiends yayo when it was my dream
to kick flows to put my people on another level/ Now could it be for the lust or could it be for
the rush my niggas lovin' when they bust/ But baby, buck N' you duck they'll put your dick in the dust
My niggas creepin' on ah come up(come up)Black Nigga Killa(killa) Thuggish Ruggish nigga
Nigga, pin it N' finna descend into the dawn of the new millenium/ Anticiatin' life without satan
Hatin', and all enemies; to hell I'll send 'em


Everyday the devil at me/ And I wish the Lord threw a hummer at me/ I ain't happy
Me N Eazy E in a B E N Z with my niggas right next to me; It's my legacy/ We can't let it
stop us uh uh, not now the whole world endin' up; The Buck! Buck! Pow! Corruption, distruction
Disaster/ Everybody tryin' to rap faster than the master/ Oh Lord could you save my soul?
Nigga, tryin' to go platinum 'round 40 years old/ The Lord knows we can do this sh*t/ It ain't no
stoppin' us now cuz we can prove this sh*t/ Nigga meets Snoop D, P D, Freaky G
The whole world want to be a rapper with me/ I'm in the flesh/ Let's talk about sex/ Babies havin' babies
Generation X, with the AIDS epidemic we ain't pure no more N' I know they got a cure for this sh*t
We ain't rich/ First we lost E then we lost Pac, Biggie got killed when this sh*t gon' stop?
Everybody want to know what's goin' on with the thuggish ruggish bone, bone, bone, bone
Tryin; to be prepared for the Y 2 K and if I don't die today I'm tryin' to change the world

Layzie (change the world...)

YOu need a message N' don't love our rappin'? But they try to ban and realize it ain't gon' happen
We done changed the world...and the voices bein' heard and fell/ Know it' funny; Got my guns, better arm
yourself; Most of 'em never do/ If it goes down what you gon' do...Don't you know
the government ain't votin' for me N' you/ I have a dream, no, I have a wish
If we can't say it ourselves damn let's save the kids/ Let the world go on(on...) home let's these
babies have somethin'/ Let the world go on(on...) home just don't blow this m*therf*cker up
You kill him, he'll kill you/ Some say it's stupid but violence really lives where I come from
Hungry lil' kids where I come from/ judge not me where I come from...

Big B
See we losin' this world we love and it looks like the sinnin' won't end so I'm reachin' high
Up above/ Lord, let your blessings begin...


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04. Oktober, 17:43 Uhr
von Janine

einfach nur geil.. das is das beste lied mit dem größten sinn das es gibt.. das sollten mal paar leute mehr hörn

26. September, 12:33 Uhr
von Soul-SiSter-cicco!

das lied,die texte und vorallem der gesang ist einfach miiiiiiies! das nenn ich music!!!!!!!

13. September, 23:37 Uhr
von megaboom

Ich finde das dieses lied so was wie von unter die Haut geht ,wenn man die Texte versteht.Music ist nicht nur Rytmic und so weiter.....Mega Boooooom :yes

16. Juni, 15:39 Uhr
von noname


16. Oktober, 20:06 Uhr
von **Bella**

Lord, let your blessings begin ...
Das Lied ist so schön.. wenn man es versteht und mitfühlt könnte man grad ist einfach nur super, denn der text passt auf unsere heutige welt ! :love

23. August, 07:00 Uhr
von saskia

des ist des geilste lied des es gibt ohh so hamma ich liebe es