Iron Heart Lyrics

Everytime I see you
I only see you cry
You can't understand
What you did to me

And I always try to hide
My aggression deep inside
I feel your helplessness
But I'm not that strong

You took my soul
But you don't understand:
It's so fragile and so weak

You killed my heart
With your burning ignorance
But you still think that I'm the one
I'm the one to blame

I want to run away from you
Want to leave the tears behind
You know there's nothing you can do
But please keep me in your mind
I can't stand your iron heart
I break the chains and run away
I hate every word you say
You can never make me stay!

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21. April, 17:42 Uhr
von Solitary_Angel

Das Lied ist echt megageil, es enthält so viel wahres.
Es spricht einem direkt aus der Seele.

04. November, 01:45 Uhr
von Cinderella

eines meiner lieblingslieder...

15. April, 21:21 Uhr
von kapl

Its fun

Hi all