HTML (Hell to my Life) Lyrics

Can you see the white in my eyes ?
can you feel the pain in my head ?
It is a living hell
you to see your nasty face and you
fucking art it make me sick

you tease me like a wee and minuscule
animal you insult me allthough I done
nothingt o you
you hate me ?
boot me , burn me down , stab me to death
usurp my little black broken heart out of my
chest and nosh it nush my flesh
drink my blood

only so you can kill me
sunder every bone in my belly
and suck all blood up
don`t let only on drip
leave a profit

you cannot kill me
I will always life
My revenge will coming
on a sunny day of violence roses
you will never wake up out of your dreams
Confound you Yod hate all
your only like all the other bitches
Yod will fuck you

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