For The Cool In You
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Disc 1
Titel Unsere Songtexte
1 For the Cool in You For the Cool in You
2 Lady, Lady Lady, Lady
3 Never Keeping Secrets Never Keeping Secrets
4 Rock Bottom Rock Bottom
5 And Our Feelings And Our Feelings
6 Saturday Saturday
7 When Can I See You
8 Illusions Illusions
9 A Bit Old-Fashioned A Bit Old-Fashioned
10 You Are So Beautiful You Are So Beautiful
11 I'll Always Love You I'll Always Love You
12 Well Alright Well Alright
13 For the Cool in You (Quiet Storm vocal mix)
14 When Can I See You (Urban Soul Basement mix)
15 For the Cool in You (Midnight Luv instrumental mix)

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