Loser (Star One version)
How You Gonna See Me Now?
Into the Black Hole (acoustic live version)
The Caste Hall (acoustic version)
Age Of Shadows
Liquid Eternity
Connect the Dots
Beneath The Waves (Beneath The Waves - Face The Facts - But
Newborn Race (The Incentive - The Vision - The Procedure - A
Waking Dreams
The Truth Is in Here
Prologue: a) The Time Telepathy Experiment - b) Overture - c) Ayreon's Quest
River of Time
Act I "The Dawning": The Awareness: a) Premonition - b) Dreamtime (Words Become a Song) - c) The Awakening
Eyes of Time
The Banishment
Ye Courtyard Minstrel Boy
Sail Away to Avalon
Nature's Dance
Computer Reign (Game Over)
Listen to the Waves
Magic Ride
Merlin's Will
The Charm of the Seer
Swan Song
Ayreon's Fate
Actual Fantasy
Abbey of Synn
The Stranger From Within
Computer Eyes
Beyond The Last Horizons
Farside of the World
Back On The Planet Earth
The Dawn of Man
Welcome to the New Dimension
Isis and Osiris
Amazing Flight
Time Beyond Time
The Decision Tree (We're Alive)
Tunnel of Light
Across the Rainbow Bridge
The Garden of Emotions
Valley of the Queens
The Castle Hall
Tower of Hope
Cosmic Fusion
The Mirror Maze
Evil Devolution
The Two Gates
"Forever" of the Stars
Another Time, Another Space
The Dream Sequencer
My House on Mars
One Small Step
The Shooting Company Of Captain Frans B. Coco
Dragon on the Sea
Temple of the Cat
Carried by the Wind
And the Druids Turn to Stone
The First Man on Earth
Dawn of a Million Souls
Journey on the Waves of Time
To the Quasar
Into the Black Hole
Through the Wormhole
Out of the White Hole
To the Solar System
Sleeper Awake
Day One: Vigil
Day Two: Isolation
Day Three: Pain
Day Four: Mystery
Day Five: Voices
Day Six: Childhood
Day Seven: Hope
Day Eight: School
Day Ten: Memories
Day Eleven: Love
Day Twelve: Trauma
Day Thirteen: Sign
Day Fourteen: Pride
Day Fifteen: Betrayal
Day Sixteen: Loser
Day Seventeen: Accident?
Day Eighteen: Realization
Day Nineteen: Disclosure
Temple of the Cat (acoustic version)
Original Hippie's Amazing Trip
Day Twenty: Confrontation
Beyond the Last Horizon
Ambeon Preview: Cold Metal