Cut me Lyrics

The touch of day
I am bleeding away
I'm a victim of my sin
Scream to the sky
Asking God "Why have I lived to see this day?"
There's no light in this shade
I begin my crusade
I cut to be free
Chasin' a dream
The inside of me screams
"Why have I lived to see this day?"

My future is my past
That's why good things never last
I'm a prisoner of my mind
I want you to see
What is inside of me
But I'm scared of what you find
When you say that you care
I can't hear
I don't hear
'Cause I know I'm not what you need
To loose you is worse
Than the screams of this curse
And so I'd rather bleed

Scars on my skin
Tell me where to begin
Did a line like a diagram
There's no light in this shade
I'm a slave to this blade
I cut to know who I am
The pain is a map
And each gash and each gash
Let me live another day
I feel cold
I feel hot
And I cut
And I got to live and bleed another day

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29. September, 17:12 Uhr
von Victim of my mind

Ein schönes Lied über die Wahrheit.