Starlight Lyrics


You look like someone that I've seen
I think it was on a moviescreen, baby, baby
Oh, Oh maybe a magazine
I swear it's like you just smoggered on my dreams, baby, baby


You was fallin from the sky, sky, sky
Play that simple and fly, fly, fly
You know you got me on that high, high, high
I think I fell in love by ???


Starlight, you got that starlight (2x)
Starlight,light, light, light,....Starlight


I see you with paparazzi, you're famous
the beauty you have is oh so dangerous
you must be from a different galaxy
you know you fly when you defining gravity


[Chorus] 2x

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07. Februar, 19:36 Uhr
von I♥ArdianBujupi

Einfach Hammer dieser Typ ♥
Dieses Lied ist ebenfalss sehr zu empfehlen,
ein totaler Ohrwurm

05. Januar, 17:34 Uhr
von Lena

Ich liebe den Song total (:
Cooles Album!