Kiss The DJ Lyrics


I wanna kiss you
I wanna touch you there
I wanna be the one
I need a lover
I wanna be the one
who love you twice
I wanna take you to the limit
'cause you feel so right
I just wanna feel your love
when I'm on the floor, come on...


if you wanna feel it close and tense
Take my hand
things would never be the same again
Feel the beat
and the rythm inside of you, come on...


Kiss the DJ (4x)


I wanna lick you
I wanna taste your skin

I wanna take you home
I only play to win
I wanna see you again how you licking lips
I wanna taste you on some candy and my magic stick
I can make you sweat when you come to me, come on...


if you feel the way I'm feelin babe
I can take
you and make you go scream my name
Feel the heat
the fire inside of you, come on...


Kiss the DJ (9x)

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