Idaho Lyrics

To love can be a rhapsody
With one release
Your shadows all around to see
No one to know
A colder heart can't beat indeed
Pick up the pieces and start
Don't deny the fire in your heart

Before you know you walk right into
A lovers stroke that's so romantic
And even now tyou wanna band it
Oh nonono I wanna stand it
And anymore
He take me high high high
Everytime he's wanna try

Idaho I feel so fine
Idaho tell me why

About a heart to go
Something inside feeling so fine
Every want to know
Don't you know
Way back in Idaho
Here by my side
Baby he comes
Way back in Idaho
Give me everything I long for

It's a miracle that you surrender
I let you know cause love is tender
And even now you understand it
And no no no no I can stand it
Not anymore
He takes me high high hig
Everytime's he wanna try

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