Birmingham Lyrics

Virgil Spencer's got a nineteen-inch Hitachi
And many demons lingering
Friday night he pulled a gun to change the channel
Something that he picked up from the King
His wife remembers well the man she knew
Seems the dreams she had have all turned black and blue
She's wasted years
No time for tears


'Cause there's another chance and a someday soon
Shining like the Alabama moon
She's looking for her promised land
Out beyond the lights of Birmingham

It's three a.m. and Virgil's passed out on the sofa
A fifth of Jim Beam on the floor
And as she drives she rubs her rosary
She's never been so all alone she's never felt so free
She's got miles to go
Blind faith and hope


As the rain falls down upon the interstate
Any doubts she had are all but washed away
One long look back
At Birmingham

Chorus Repeat

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