Ramoving Locator Tooth
Micro-Tidal Wave
Crop Dusting
LSD as a Chemical Weapon
Illegal Manufacture
Drugging the Control Group
Alice in La La Land
Apocalypse as Mescaline Experience
The Artificial Religioous Experience
The First Day of Sodom: Pussy Hair Prayer Rug
The Third Day of Sodom: Serpent of the Gay Pride Rainbow
The Fourth Day of Sodom: Snaking Adam's Black Apple
The Fifth Day of Sodom: Like a Cretin on Christmas Eve
The Sixth Day of Sodom: Boston Hardcore Caligula
The Seventh Day of Sodom: Fantasizing Hydrahead
The Eighth Day of Sodom: Lamb of the Rotisserie God
The Ninth Day of Sodom: Holiday Bowl Full of Asshole
The Tenth Day of Sodom: Enter the House of Feasting
The Eleventh Day of Sodom: Passing Blunts and Cunts at Relap
The Twelfth Day of Sodom: When Taking a Shit Feels Sexy
Poland Springfield Acidbag
Rectal Thermometer
Human Enhancement
Necro-Cannibalistic Tendencies in Young Children
Bombs With Butterfly Wings
Mosquito Holding Human Cattle Prod
For Just Ten Cents a Day...
Mental Change (S): Altered Consciousness
Radical Modernism
Juxtaposed Impacts
Unprecedented Experiment
Transparent Enclosure
Bong Hit Wonder
Opening to Personals AD by Richard Johnson
Relapse Refusing U.N. Weapons Inspectors
Neural Linguistic Programming
The Fag vs. The Indian
Black Metal Transvestite
Debbie Does Dishes
Marine Pornography (For Whale Cock Skateboards)
Keeping a Clean Kennel
Baby Mill pt. 1 (Born and Sold into Child Slavery)
Firearms for All Faiths
Defenition of Death
4 Leeches (40,000 Leeches)
Group Taking Acid as Considered Conspiracy Against the Gover
Small Room and a Six Pack
Deviant Arousal
Unbound by Civilized Properties
Shotgun Funeral
Homophobic Assbleed
Exacting Revenge on Pets
Baby Mill pt. 2 (White Russian)
Narcoterrorist Megalomaniac
Releasing a Dove From a Ghetto Rooftop
A Chance at Reprisal
Altered Ego
Pin the Tail on the Donkey
Latter Day Mormon Ritual
5 Band Genetic Equalizer pt. 3
Absurd Boast
Burning Social Interest
Whore Torn Yet
Obi Wan Kaczynski
Placing a Personal Memo on the Bosses Desk
Thanksgiving Day
The Man From Famine
Crash Course to Maximum Nowhere
PCP Torpedo
Information Super Lost Highway
Thinning the Heard
Clorox Bong (Identity Picnic)
Latin Thrift Cave
Doubled Over
Strong Stench of Balance
Cut To Happy Hour
Military Scientist
Kool-Aid Feed Bag
The Big Fuck You
Computer Lethargy
Center of the Hive
Glass Tornado
Landfills of Extinct Possibility
Pentassam Constellation
Bed of Flies
Bitch's Handbag Full of Money
Unwashed Cock
Kill Theme for American Apeshit
Built to Grind
Crap Cannon
Razor Blades Under the Dashboard
Repercussions In The Life Of An Opportunistic, Psuedo Intell
Doctored Results
Ceremonial Gasmask
Hang the Pope
Bovine Caligula
Machine Gun
Protection From Enemies
Dead Battery
Manual Trauma
Time vs. Necessity
Blind Hatred Finds a Tit
Grandmother With AIDS
5 Band Genetic Equalizer 2
North American Corpse Desecration
Cryogenic Husk
Shit Slit
Sword Swallower
Ceramic Godproduct
Ambulance Burning
5 Band Equalizer
Drinking Games
Bullshit Gets Up and Walks Around
The Fatter You Fall Behind
Double Negative
Organ Donor
Someone's Daughter
Contaminated Drug Supply
They All Burned!
Black Ink on Black Paper
Polished Turd
Filthy Murder Shack
The Withering of Skin
Die and Get the Fuck Out of the Way
Insipid Conversations
Circus Mutt (Three Ring Inferno)
Lives Ruined Through Sex (for Anita)
Acute Awareness (for Wood)
Wonder Drug Wonderland
Spreading the Dis-Ease
Ark of Ecoterrorism
Living Lolita Blowjob
Thawing Out
The Need for Better Body Armour
Freeze-Dried Cemetary
Children Blown to Bits by the Busload
Scoring in Heaven
Fuck Your Soccer Jesus
Guided Tour
Honky Dong
Famous Last Words
Osaka Milk Bar
Drive by Blowjob on a Bicycle
Ten Pounds of Remains
Utter Mental Retardation and Reversal of Man
Neotropolis Euphoria
Snitch Olympics
Crawling Out of the Cradle Into the Casket