Death of a Playa Lyrics


You used to love them,leave them,kiss them
Break their hearts,but now,I got you in my arms
You used to get them,trick them,diss them
Do them wrong,but now your playa days are gone


Everybody knew about you baby and the games you played
Couldn`t count the names,faces and numbers
Nor the times you laid down
But somebody knew about you baby and that you`d chang
It was me ´cause
I could see my love would turn you around



I always say never say never boy,but you did
That`s when I took your mind and flipped the script
Your boys talkin´`bout you`re falling off
And that you`re whipped
But who are they to say when it`s all my love I give to you


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28. Februar, 16:23 Uhr
von aaliyah42912

ich bin verrückt nach dieser frau und wenn jemand was gegen sie sagt hat er keine ahnung von musik