They Can't If You Don't Let Them Lyrics

If it is true,
if you have come to the rescue
Why do the bells sound of danger ?
words of peace,
they fall from you freely
awful free for a stranger

Setting sun, you know you ought to run
there's a wolf here among the sheep
but marching along to the spirit catcher's song
you remain in a dreamless sleep

Desperate eyes, let the counterfeit suffice
hoping high, they will be kind to you

Fog and fears and a mouth full of hot tears
can drown that voice sent to guide you
and wicked tongues with their hooks and their ice blood
can wake the demons inside you

Then doubt will creep through the windows as you sleep
setting in like a cold, cold front
and your hands go numb and your stomach doubles up
and you think
Was I happy once ?

Desperate minds, hold the counterfeit so tight
hoping high, he will be kind
hoping high, he will be kind
hoping high, he will be kind to you

Run, run, run, run
run, run, run, run

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