The Sighting Lyrics

It was a dark and clouded night
where neither star nor moon would shine
yet standing in a pool of light
like Saturn with its rings

A lonesome figure gleamed
so tall and wild and evergreen
with roots that reached out for the sea
like dancers in the wind

Oh, hi
hi love
so far from
from me

Those salt cliffs can't be scaled
the evidence of those who failed
their skeletons lay strange and frail
like lace among the rocks

So content to sit and wait
so dedicated to your fate
to never move, to never chase
you just stand up there and watch

Oh, hi
hi love
so high up
Will you always be
out of reach ?

Oh, hi
hi love
Oh, why love ?

I wish that you would jump
but I can see
your ties run deep
and it's not for me
to cut you free

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